Thursday, 29 October 2015

Bagging up at Broadwater.

Bagging up at Broadwater.
I’ve just returned from a trip guiding one of my regulars who wanted a day catching a few carp and learning a few tricks that he could take with him to other waters. Initially the trip was arranged to show just how effective the pellet-lead is however a day or two before our trip he also requested if I could help out with a few other methods to catch carp. Now as everyone knows I’m not a carp angler, however when we spoke he said ‘I know you’re not but you are an angler’, enough said it was now up to me to prove that you don’t have to follow all things read about catching carp to actually go and catch carp, in fact quite the opposite. Without sounding condescending and telling anglers exactly why hiring a guide for a day would help them catch loads of extra fish in the future, here are his words.

Hi Duncan.
Once again a massive thank you for you’re guiding at Broadwater.
Watching other anglers sit fishless while hammering the Carp is testament to your knowledge and understanding of the Broadwater Carp.  The edges I learnt are priceless.
I asked for a day that'd put the fun back and bend the rods and you totally delivered.
Over a dozen Carp including four mid to high doubles and topped by a twenty pound plus fish in conditions far from perfect, I couldn't have asked for more!
Thanks again.


If you’re sitting watching motionless rods then why don’t you give me a call, well that’s if actually catching is important...
Tel – 07928 617006

Has the wife or girlfriend asked you for ideas for Christmas presents this year? If she has and you are struggling for ideas, why not get her to give me a call and buy a gift voucher from me for a day’s guiding with me?
You choose the species, I will sort the’s that easy!

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