Monday, 24 November 2014

Christmas presents and Sandown

Christmas presents and Sandown all-in-one!

Are you the angler with everything and frustrates the wife or girlfriend with few if any ideas! Well why not suggest a days guiding with myself (vouchers available) or even pop down to the Carp Societies Carp Show this weekend at Sandown and pick up a signed copy of my book.
Guiding days with me don’t have to be all about big fish as just look at the two images here. My mate Chris was having a bit of a poor run trying to track down a big barbel so I suggested he take a look at another species, perch which he did and after sending him to a fishery I know simply boosted his confidence with this great bag. Nothing to get the confidence factor back and it won’t be long before his sort after target graces his net.
Another customer, Nick, usually a carper wanted to just relax, get the brain working again and put a few fish in the net. Visiting a day ticket venue with a difference he bagged himself plenty of chub and once again left refreshed knowing that there is more to angling than sitting behind bobbins and alarms!
Whether its learning new tactics such as setting up and using the devastating helicopter rig, having confidence in fishing the waggler and that feeding every few seconds will eventually bring you a bite a cast, to trotting a float down a chalk stream in search of the ‘lady of the stream’ (well once this bloody rain stops) or even targeting predators on the mighty Thames, I’m pretty sure that I can accommodate and provide you with a great days fishing.

You can contact me on 07928 617006 or 01252 315271 as well as emailing me at

The Carp Societies Show is this weekend at Sandown Racecourse – Sat 29th and Sun 30th November – Make it a date and pop up and see me!

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