Saturday, 12 August 2017

Shocked at what's been said.........

This weeks Anglers Mail article
As a journalist for a angling magazine's and constantly producing features for anglers to read I need to be well aware of the rules and regulations that clubs and day ticket venue lay down and then abide by these, however it seems that we all interpret these differently especially if they are written in a too complex way, lets face it this shouldn't be the case, as they should be written in a way that cannot be interpreted differently.
Last month I had an angler tell me that a bolt rig couldn't be cast into a lake and bought my attention to this rule - All rigs must be free-running - no fixed or semi-fixed rigs permitted. As always I was well aware of the rule and had to explain that nowhere in the rule was the words 'bolt-rig' mentioned and that I could easily achieve a bolt rig using a tight line from rod-tip to an inline free-running lead along with a short hooklink and hair-rigged bait.
I also had my hand slapped by a bailiff after using my net on a local lake to retain a perch (I thought I might be able to get a brace shot quickly for a feature needed). Not wanting to create a scene I apologized but once at home wanted to read the rule once again. It read as follows - No carp are to be retained in keep-nets or sacks whatsoever, at ..............Lake, other than in authorised competitions. Its a shame when I know the rules better than the bailiff!
So once again I was shocked at some comments when producing a pellet waggler article recently as after reading the rules before and after still cant see what all the fuss is about.
The rule reads as follows - No surface baits of any kind may be used. Buoyant bait (pop-ups) may be used at a maximum of 2 inches (50cm) from the lake bed.
In my mind it would be far easier to say the following -
All rigs must be free running.No keepnets apart from in authorised competitions.
All baits must be fished on the lake bed.

No confusion just plain and simple (black and white) rules that cant be misinterpreted!

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