Tuesday, 21 April 2015

My Secret is out!

THIS week’s Angler’s Mail magazine reveals how a match star has bounced back from the dead, and how 640,000 fish have been saved. Must-read stories!
Also this week, the all-new Mail is the place to read about a 7 lb secret perch venue that has delivered again!
The MEGA Where To Fish This Week section is a massive regional guide, and now has over 200 venues. It’s the No.1!
Also this week in the all-new Angler’s Mail magazine:
  • Political parties fish for your vote
  • Giant perch caught in matches
  • Great Catches gallery
  • First winners in LikeMyCatch 2015
  • Rig of the Week – carp rig
  • How To – fish a waggler
  • Masterclass in quality canal roach

Top columnists in the all-new Mail:
  • Colin Davidson shows how to identify carp
  • Steve Collett on real pleasure fishing!
  • Andy Little tempts top tench
  • Gary Newman extracts a super stripy
  • Ian Welch explains carp survival rate
  • Matt Hayes’ top tips to bank big bream
  • Lee Kerry gets gear right for matches

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